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The Sorceress of the Oberon Township

Henah Silverman grew up in Duluth, as the only child of two science instructors. From a young age, the flora of the Great Lakes region became her passion. Henah found a job in her field, focusing on the environment. That is where she met Daniel the man she agreed to marry.

One night, Henah discovers Daniel, standing over a body. In horror, she watches the man she loves aim a gun at her. A bolt of lightening saves her life and two strangers assist in her escape.

She awakens days later to find herself in Oberon Township. There, she discovers her previous life had been a farce.  Henah’s father is a Warlock, her mother an Enchantress, and she inherited their magical skills. 

Henah makes a pact with her parents to stay in Oberon for ninety days. She needs to learn to control her magic, to behave according to proper etiquette, and how to interact with the magical residents.

This is the first book in the Oberon Township series.

A Reenergized Winter Solstice

Henah Silverman, at the age of twenty-five, is much older than most of the other first-timers—those who are experiencing their first Winter Solstice in Oberon Township.  

In the week leading up to the festivities, Henah learns that she’s a direct descendent of two of the Original Families.  She also learns that she can’t simply meet her paternal grandparents.  Tradition dictates that Henah has to be presented to them.  

This year is set to be a celebration of epic proportions.  It is a three-day festival, including a Gala and a Winter Solstice Eve spectacular.  

Finally, the highly anticipated day arrives. 

The Winter Solstice is supposed to be fun.  There’s plenty of food, entertainment, and dancing.  Plus, Henah is finally able to meet her aunts, uncles, and cousins.  So, why does she have the feeling that she is being stalked?  Could it be her ex-fiancée, or one of the agents of the MBBI?

A Reenergized Winter Solstice is the second book in The Oberon Township Series.  The first book is The Sorceress of the Great Lakes.

Book Two in the Oberon Township is available at Amazon in Kindle and Paperback Versions.

An Enchantress Evolves

In this Fantasy Book series, Henah has finally accepted that she is a Sorceress and has become more adept at controlling her magical Abilities.  She is enjoying being able to spend time with her extended family and  friends. Henah has found her way home in Oberon Township.

Like Henah, the Fairy Tale land of Oberon is flourishing. For over a quarter of a century, the Town had been in a time warp. Few residents remained after The Assault. 

Now, the population of Oberon has expanded to the point that a local government is desperately needed.  The Town Chapter, however, states that only direct descendants of the seven Original Families are allowed to govern. 

According to the Charter Books, it was believed that only Henah’s family qualifies. 

Through a twist of fate, it is discovered that two more residents of Oberon have descended from the Original seven. 

Who will be chosen to lead this magical town?

Thank You

The Sorceress of the Great Lakes, A Reenergized Winter Solstice and An Enchantress Evolves are now available exclusively through Amazon.com.  Please consider using Amazon Smile for your purchase and choose your favorite not for profit organization!

About Me

Books, Dogs, and Travel

Jeri Lynn Scott is a true middle child.  She spent her childhood with a book in her hands and most of her adult life trying to decide what she wanted to be when she grew up. 

Her passions are books, travel, and dogs. Not always in that order. 

Jeri’s bookcase is full of mysteries, biographies, historical fiction,, and any book relating to dogs. She admits to being a Mutt Snob and believes that the best dog is a Rescue Dog.

She lives with her husband of over forty years, Gary. Yes, Gary and Jeri, we tend to answer to either name. Jeri is a lifelong resident of Southeastern Wisconsin.

My writing roots started with Toby

Toby's Transformation was my first book.  He was my heart dog and when he passed over the Rainbow Bridge in March 2017, I wanted to memorialize his time with us.

So, I started writing about how Toby and I started as beginning dog & handler.

Over the years, Toby taught me much more than I taught him.  The book was published in June 2017.

While I was drafting Toby's book, I realized that I had enough content for a second book on my interaction with dogs.  The result was also published in the summer of 2017 and was titled:  There's A Reason Puppies Are So Cute.

Both books are available through Amazon Kindle.

My style in writing fiction

The Oberon Township series came about in an organic manner.

Most of the storyline came to me in the middle of the night as I lay awake.

Like many people, I have a hard time getting a good nights sleep.  My mind tends to wander - now there's an understatement.

I tend to brainstorm in the morning and write in the afternoon.


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